Effective simulation and training

Military flight simulation and training:
1. Out of Control training for fighter aircraft
2. Full flight simulation for fighter aircraft
3. Basic spatial disorientation course for student pilots
4. Advanced SD training for Chinook and Apache helicopter pilots
5. Upset Recovery & Stall training for transport/tanker aircraft

Military driving simulation and training:
6. Driving under armour in extreme conditions (Boxer & CV90)

Civil Aviation:
7. Pilot Awareness & Aircraft Limits training course

Space flight simulation:
8. XCOR Aerospace Lynx 2 sub-orbital mission training
9. Spacewalker

Driving simulation
Ship motion simulation
R&D on motion perception and motion cueing
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Effective simulation and training

Immersive simulation is Desdemona Ltd.‘s primary product. On this fundament we develop course ware for training, with partners and domain experts. Together with the Centre of Man in Aviation (Royal Netherlands Air Force, www.defensie.nl/luchtmacht/luchtmachtbases/cml/) several courses have been developed for military aircraft pilots. With TNO (www.tno.nl) we focus on civilian aircraft, ship motion and driving simulation